No show on Skye

Hi All

Apologies to all those who may have been expecting me on from a Skye summit at 0900 today - after a good soaking on my walk-out yesterday and a day of heavy showers followed by persistent rain forecast for today I thought discretion would be the better part of valour!

Also apologies to any chasers frustrated by my lack of alerts and random appearances - the combination of lack of communication (no mobile coverage) the weather and the need to integrate the family into operations has made it very difficult to predict activations!

I am however planning a major day out tomorrow (weather permitting of course!) so hope a few of you will be looking for me. One thing I have learnt is that the combination of boggy moor no paths and rank tussocky vegetation makes the going very tough so please bear with me if the timings are somewhat adrift.

Hope to work tomorrow

73 de Paul G4MD

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Hi Paul. No need to apologise.I once went to Skye and raining stair rods was nothing compared with the rain that was bestowed on me.All the best.Geoff.

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Hi Paul,

Seems the Galloway ground has spread like Japanese Knotweed. When I have been on Skye I have been either at the coast or in the Cuillins so I would not have known to warn you.

Hope the weather is much better tomorrow for your “trio” of summits.

Take care.

73, Gerald

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WX looks diabolical at times tomorrow. i.e. when the rain stops the gusts are forecasted to be 75mph.


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WX looks diabolical at times tomorrow. i.e. when the rain stops the gusts are forecasted to be 75mph.

That’s the problem with summer activations in Scotland Andy! Much better in winter so I understand, or so your post under Tony’s SP thread would suggest… :wink:

73, Gerald

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Whatever you do, don’t anyone fall for that one!

The Scottish winter can be ten times worse than the worst that summer can throw at you. Sure, get a still sunny day with firm snow crunching under foot and the distant mountains in pretty pastel blues and it can look like heaven…until you put a glove on the trig point and a few minutes later have to chip it off with an ice axe with your fingers going numb! Then there are the days when the snow shotblasts you or you have to crawl off the summit on hands and knees in a sudden storm wind, and talking of snow, I’ve seen it accumulate at a rate of something like 30 cm per hour.

Winter in Scotland can be a grand experience, but it isn’t for beginners! Go with somebody with experience or take one of the winter courses.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

Fully understood Brian, at least on my part… hence the :wink: smiley indicating I had “clocked” Andy’s comment and that mine was being made tongue-in-cheek. As you say, some might be disposed to give the GM summits a try this winter without having had sufficient experience and that’s what we don’t want see.

As for what is happening on Skye right now, I know 100% that Paul will take very great care on his activation.