No Show on Schafberg, OE/SB-216, today

I had alerted to an activation of Schafberg today. It turned out to be a VHF-only activation. It was a beautiful autumn day with blue sky and moderate temperatures, although a bit windy. I was up there at 10.30 local and there were already hundreds of tourists on the summit. They have used the steam cog railroad that terminates about 50m below the summit. Every 30 min another train arrived bringing another load of tourists. I later learned that the railroad company even used additional trains between scheduled ones to boost their capacity. My VHF activation has already raised interest and I was even photographed by tourists. No way that I would erect a wire antenna for shortwave on a day like this.

I quickly moved on to Spinnerin, OE/SB-230 to activate there. This is just an hours walk but believe me not a single tourist was there.

73 Heinz