No Show F/CR Friday 25 October

A thousand apologies for the no show today after the alert. I’m on vacation at my sister’s house in the S. of France before a week’s work in Lyon. It’s not just a SOTA expedition but a chance to catch up as I haven’t seen her for 13months. Things sort of got a bit off plan and I completely forgot to remove the alert, probably caused by far too much good food and drink.

I had 3 unactivated summits planned for tomorrow but the Rallye de Cevanne is happening in that area and many roads are closed so getting to the summits in mind is difficult if not impossible. If it was in my home country then maybe I could have achieved something but it’s a bit more challenging here.

So tomorrow I will be activating some previously activted summits in the near of Avignon. Must remember to take a hat tomorrow. It was 22C today and very sunny except it’s 25th October… what’s going on here!

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I wouldn’t be complaining about the sunshine and heat Andy. You should have asked - I would have lent you my FB baseball cap to wear in France and protect your head from the sunshine:

73 and hope to work you tmw - good luck



I can’t think of a better reason Andy! FAMILY FIRST!

73 Ed.

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Needed a hat today… 23C plus wall to wall blue sky. Had to turn the AC knob up to maximum on the hire car!

One of these perhaps?

Or if there is a chance of falling rocks - one of these?

73 Ed.


Looks good Ed. It’s 930 CET and over 20C already :slight_smile:
Anyway hopefully two easy drive on summits on way back up to Lyon. F/CR-257 then F/MC-256 for a new region for me. Far too many summits to activate in Francee and they’ve all been very pretty so far.

Followed by the delights of repacking my bag so all the radio gear is the suitcase and the computery stuff in the back pack ready for the trek from the airport to the hotel in Lyon after returning the hire car.

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Mountain Goats having good clean fun!!!

Driver’s helmet would have blended in with the race and you could have explined your presence on the course! Just say you lost your car!