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No RBN spots

No RBNgate spots for me today and not seeing any others either.

73, Barry N1EU

Same for me yesterday afternoon.

Mike - ke5akl

Thanks for the confirm Mike. In a perfect world, there would be a bold alert posted in huge letters on SOTAwatch warning activators before they go out that RBNgate is down and to plan accordingly. None of my SMS self spots went through, but that’s another issue/mystery.

I see nothing from you in the logs Barry that has been rejected for format/usage errors. Check you have the right number +1-424-373-SOTA (+1-424-373-7682)

How about now Andy? I just tried again.

Yes I received that one. But you had W7N AW008 instead of W7A AW008 which doesn’t exist and so was dropped. But I received the inbound message so your messages get through.

:+1: Thanks Andy!

Yours is the only spot that’s failed to go through today. It says the association is invalid, but it looks OK to me, so I’ll have to dig into it a bit more

I have right number and made attempt to spot myself on June 8th from W7N/HU-089, but I received next messages:
The session you entered is invalid. No SMS gateway selected. Tap this message to select now." When I selected SOTA_NA, I receiver another message “Registration of the phone number with Andy MM0FMF is needed…” I registered my phone# with Andy long time ago, and it worked before. I made another attempt today, June 10 - and the problem is still persist.

Sorry, misspoke, there were a couple outside the search criteria that failed to go through. I think this is tied into the database issues. Jon and I are working on moving this off the somewhat flaky Spotlite interface.

Sounds like you are using an app of somekind. Has that app got the correct number for the US in it?

+1-424-373-SOTA (+1-424-373-7682)

If have a task to restore the old number thanks to some kind work by some guys in W7 land. Unfortunately, it has been pushed down the job stack rather more than it deserves.

The reason why I run VE7CC’s excellent CCUser program here at home. You were picked up by the RBN as soon as your second CQ went out Mike, which allowed me to pounce on you right after you finished calling CQ. I spotted you to SOTAwatch and listened in for a bit. Heard one of the chasers confirming that you had been spotted correctly. In CCUser, I have alarms set for most of the active activators activating :wink: I can see who is spotted on the reverse beacon network on CCUser before it’s ported over to SOTAwatch. Unless of course one has set no RBN in their CQ or Test calling. But, it’s been so long since I’ve played around with that, I’ve forgotten how one does that. Guess I could go read over on the RBN site if I get motivated…73, Todd KH2TJ (hoping the bands get better around here)

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we need more chasers like Todd :grinning: - perfect way to backup RBNgate

The RBN Hole was down all day today, and none of my long CQ’s yielded spots on SOTAWAtch. A couple of caring chasers helped out, but I was never spotted by anyone on 40M or 17M, so I did poorly on those bands.

I think the Hole is still down - no RBN Hole spots visible. It sure was great 2 days ago!



see above

George, I would have spotted you on 40M but thought you had already been spotted. When I worked you on 20M, you had a nice pileup going. A rather good one I must say. Know what you guys mean about the RBN hole - when it goes down - I had a heck of a time getting my 4 Q’s over on Nicolai Mtn last week. I think two of them were S2S’s that I found spinning and grinning. I had to resort to 2M FM simplex to save my hind end on that one. I think the two guys I barged in on didn’t appreciate me busting in on their little 2M QSO, but they were what it took to save the activation! :wink: I latter discovered that I wasn’t getting any RBNHole spots on SOTAwatch that day, but had plenty of RBN hits. Another reason to check out the alerts posted and scan the bands. Old habits hard to break HI HI…Oh, BTW, you were booming in here to NorCal on 20M today too. Think it’s the loudest I’ve heard you in quite a while…Todd KH2TJ

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