No Points Awarded

Sorry if this is a simple answer but I cannot find this subject anywhere in the reflector. I activated G/WB-004 today (19/02/2012), and after filling out my contacts in the database, I was awarded no points. The only clue I have for this is that I activated the same summit 2 weeks previous. Can someone put my mind at rest as I am pretty new to SOTA, especially activating.

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You are only awarded points for a summit once in a calendar year. However, should you activate a 2 point (or higher) summit in the summer and then again in the winter bonus period, you will then be awarded the 3 point winter bonus for the summit.

Karen 2E0XYL

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Thank you Karen appreciate your quick response. Thought I was going to end up with no hair. Regards Dave M0IBC

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Have you read the General Rules, Guidelines For Activators and the Association Manuals for where you are activating?

They should answer most, if not all, of your questions.


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Plenty of light reading there…

All the rules are straight forward and it is worth a look.

Don’t forget that the SOTA year starts Jan 01st each year.