No CW from Slieve Binnian GI/MM-003 & HNY

Apologies to any chasers who were expecting some CW from Slieve Binnian GI/MM-003, as I alerted and intended today. The wind was brutal (100mph + in the open) and it was as much as I could do to hold the VHF dipole for the 6 mins it took to get 6 QSOs. These included Alun 2W0CYM, Sam GI4MBM, John GW4ZPL, Liz M6EPW, Colin M0XSD and Barry 2W0LYD/M - thanks for calling in.
Shortly after we started our descent my colleague, Brian MI0TGO, who must be 15+ stone, was lifted off his feet and deposited in a heap! This wind and the accompanying snow showers and hail was my first real introduction to extreme weather on a mountain… but worth it. We elected to give Slievelamagan GI/MM-006 a miss, discretion being the better part of valour.

I have greatly exceeded my SOTA expectations which only began this year. I have managed 105 activations and 253 SOTA points. I have had some exceptional walks, seen many beautiful bits of our countryside I would never have come across and got a bit fitter too.

It is time for a break now as I go back to work for a few days. I then have an appointment with a surgeon on the 3rd January which will leave me grounded for some time. Roll on my chaser points total!!

Happy New Year to all and thanks to the SOTA program for all my adventures and new friends made this year.

In reply to M0TUB:
No worries about the cw Dave! Roy G4SSH and I worked out that you probably had very bad wx over there.

You have certainly made a very impressive start to your SOTA career. I look forward to working you from both ends of future activations in 2012. It is always a pleasure to work you and at this rate you will soon get your MG.

Happy New Year
Nick G4OOE