No chaser points for a S2S. Why?

Today I had an S2S with Jörg HB15SOTA on my local mountain DM / NS-122. I did not get chaser points for this qso in the database. I don’t understand why.

73 Chris

To my mind S2S points follow the rules for activator and chaser points in general:
activator = each reference once a year
chaser = each references once a day

So no explanation from the rules. :flushed:

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Edit: This was referring to a deleted response! So I changed it to reflect the disappeard post before.

4 chaser points, 0 activator on my shot.

Argg. Keep reading it wrong!

Over to Andy for this one! @MM0FMF

Yes, you were too quick for me! :wink:

Aliens! It’s the only explanation. Well maybe.

I had a look and it was a real S2S QSO. Can’t delete the chase alone, so it must be S2S. Chaser part had the score but not the S2S. I deleted it and resubmitted and, shazaaaaam, there are the points.

Chris @DL1CR, did you have another S2S with Jörg submitted, maybe in error that you then deleted? The first S2S with FR-022 would get the points and the second would not. If you delete the first QSO then the points should be reassigned to the second QSO but maybe they didn’t.

I’ll do some experiments when I get home from work (i.e. walk from kitchen to the shack!)

That’s it. I first submit the qso in the mode ssb and see my fault. Then submit it again in cw. And after this I delete the first entry. Shame on me!

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Thanks for another qso, Chris! Sorry to say that I was on a GMA summit, DA/TH-776 Kuppe.


No problem, Pom. Not only did I forget my antenna mast, but I also mixed up something.

I’ll delete the supposed s2s in a moment. In this way, I rarely noticed that double entries cause problems.

Thanks also for our 2m qso DL1CR 2m sota - 188km without an ant pole - YouTube

73 Chris