No April Fools!

No April Fools!
Two new QRP Transceivers to be released by LNR on April 1!

Probably 1 each for CW and AM/FM/SSB :wink:
Wait and see.

One is almost definitely the MTR-5, the other I hear is an LD-11 SDR.



I’m very happy with my MTR3. No incentive to go for MTR5 etc as sunspots decline. The LD-11 is very interesting but it will cost me about AUD1,200 plus freight whereas I can get an 817ND for AUD 800 in a local store. LNR’s claim about being more affordable need some clarification. It’s getting into KX3 prices.

I now have 4 good SOTA grade transceivers including an 817, none of which I want to sell. It might be a bit over the top to raid the bank for money for an LD-11. I’m sure if I was caught the magistrate/judge would be lenient.

Perhaps I have a long lost rich relative who believes you can never have enough transceivers and is keen to help out? (If he/she’s rich he/she probably isn’t a relative). Oh wait, here’s an email from Nigeria. Looking good!