No. American SOTA Day...Now

It’s on, ladies and gentlemen. The annual North American SOTA day has started, with W7/DL6AP first off the blocks. Dozens more to follow, and some of us are staying on peak through the night. Happens only once per year, so…

Elliott, K6ILM

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Although many eastern Activators will be thwarted by a widespread line of t-strms from New England down to the Carolinas on Saturday. Sunday promises to be, well, more promising. See for the latest info.


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Yikes, already there are 40 alerts in North America, plus two unannounced spots. A record. Holy fiddloramapackaloomer.
Elliott, K6ILM
Chaser Clown

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Thanks to those who listened. I’m sorry I was so late in getting on the air-- the thunderstorms, wind, and hail kept me at the trailhead in the truck for close to 4 hours, and there were two whopping big new houses where the road to peak #2 was supposed to be. Still, a fun day with lots of activity.

73 de KB3UYT

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Wish I could have been there guys…

Too much local noise here to hear a thing. I cant even hear the local eu stuff from Stockholm.


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I have been looking for you on 14MHz SSB yesterday. I did not work any Scandinavian station. Not sure if the band was open in your direction at all.

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

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Thanks Heinz!

Unfortunately the noise level at the Stockholm QTH was terrible, and even in other parts of the city I could not work anything. I could not even work the FM satellites from Stockholm. A Swedish friend thinks all of the new noise is due to new airconditioning units being installed as well as a proliferation of plasma TV sets.

Finally today I visited the SSA club station SK0TM and chased 3 summits. SK0TM has a remote receiver far away in the archipeligo as well as nice beam somewhat away from downtown and that made all the difference.

Tonight I am on my way to Gotland Island, EU-020 where I know the noise level is much better. I will have the Alexloop always ready to go in the car as well as the arrow antenna for the FM birds.

73 & thanks again,