No activation in wednesday afternoon

I do not write much here but today I have a story.
Wednesday 11.June it was pretty hot, over 35 degrees Celsius in Ljubljana. In the afternoon I have plane to make my 550. activation in the woods S5/RG-034 Srebotnik, which is only half an hour drive from Ljubljane.After 40 minutes walking through the overgrown forest, I stopped amazed. 20 m in front of me are two jumped bears.They start the run up to the top of S5/RG-034 which was far more about 5 minutes.Second bear after 15m stopped looked at me and then continued run up.All was happened in 30 seconds and I did not have time to do foto.After a few minutes I went slowly behind them with a phone in my hand that maybe I can make some foto.Few minutes below the top I am thinking,thinking, thinking and then turn around and go back to my car.This was my fourth meeting with bears on activations but the first time so close. Previously, I’ve already met on S5/RG-016, RG-040 and BR-001,but many times I saw fresh footprints of bear.
In Slovenia forests is above 500 bears, which are mostly in the area S5/RG and S5/BR (southern and south-eastern part of the country) and some of them also S5/JA and S5/BI. In this area I walking and singing an then bears run away. HI. In Slovenia, which has a lot of forest is also home to about 40 wolves, but they have never seen.
Otherwise in January 2012 I activated all S5/RG (53 summits) and now would soon be the second time…
In past same another activators in S5 was also turn around because ob bears.

Finally, I would like to thank you all chaser friends for many contacts.

Sorry for my English

73 Marko S57MS

n reply to S57MS:

Hello Marko 8)

Thanks for the info and something new to me - bears in Slovenia.

Wolves and bears are wonderful creatures and you are lucky to have them in your country to see them wild. I think the bears will be more frightened of you :wink:

Thanks for all the summits and keep on singing when you climb!

Best wishes

In reply to S57MS:

Hi Marko;

Thank you for the interesting story and the many contacts.

73 de Ken G3XQE

In reply to S57MS:

Hi Marko,

Great YouTube videos, I enjoyed watching them. Your English is much better than my Slovenian :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the SOTA QSOs

73 de Mick M0MDA

In reply to S57MS:

Tks fer nice report Marko…
so it seems activators will have a " bear- or wolf-bonus " in this aerea :wink:

73 de Franz ON9CBQ