No 99

Too whom is your most contacted Sota activator as a chaser

EC2AG/p just worked again NO-99

Next Sota contact with Antonio will be No 100
My most contacted activator by far so far :slight_smile:



I am happy for and you…

go for 100


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In 30 something activation attempts, Kansas has risen to the top as my SOTA pot of gold. 18 contacts (about 10% of ALL my SOTA contacts) with Gary W0MNA, plus 15 more contacts out of the same shack with Martha W0ERI. Always good to hear the strong signal out of Kansas. But never anybody else from Kansas. Also double digit honorable mention goes to Dean K2JB in North Carolina and another Gary K4MF in Florida. Thanks to them, and all the chasers that make SOTA possible for me…

Glenn AB3TQ


Congratulations Karl. Dare I say - All the best for the next 100? :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG