NN5K: NA's Newest Mtn Goat

Congratulations to Dave NN5K, North America’s newest Mountain Goat as of earlier today.
73 Rich N4EX


Congrats Dave, well done!

73, Dan NA6MG

Great job! Thanks for all of the summits.

Phil, NS7P

Congrats, Dave !!

Best, Ken, K6HPX

Congratulations Dave!

73 MIke ke5akl

Way to go, Dave!

73, Walt W0CP

Congrats Dave, welcome to the NM and NA herds.
John K1JD

Congrats Dave, Always great to work you.

73’s Gary W5ODS


Congrats on being the latest NA Mountain GOAT. That was pretty fast it seems to me. Good work!

Always a pleasure to work u… and when I do it always brings back some of the old memories of VHF Contest days we had together.

Good job my Friend!

If u ever get to Phoenix maybe we can get together with Terry (WA7LYI) and myself.



Congratulations Dave Re: Mtn. Goat
All the best. 73… Richard N6PKT

Congrats Dave.
Keep it going!


Congrats Dave, great achievement! I’m only 974 points behind you, but hope to close a little the next couple of weeks.

73 and nice job,

Mike, N4VBV