NM5S hits 5000 activator points

Congratulations to my friend Alan, NM5S on hitting 5K activator points! Great work and thanks for the many enjoyable activations we’ve done together.


Mike - ke5akl

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Wow! :astonished:
Well done!


Thanks for all your hard work (hiking) to activate all those summits. GREATLY APPRECIATED HERE and tnx for QRS to my slow CW skills.
Best 73 and be safe!
Chuck - KA5PVB

Congratulations, Alan! Thanks for appearing in my log 117 times!

Outstanding Alan. Always enjoy working you when you’re activating a summit.

Gary A. - W0MNA

BIG congrats, Alan.
So many peaks, so little time!


Great job Alan, Tnx for all your activations
73 GL

Congratulations, Alan! Always good to hear you on a summit.
73 GB

Outstanding Alan. You’ve worked hard to accumulate so many points.

Keep it going!


Congratulatons, Alan. Always great working you. I look forward to chasing you many more times, with a lot of S2S too. Fine job.

Phil, NS7P

Congrats!! to Alan NM5S on 5k

Bren [nu7a]

Thank you!
The SOTA program has been wonderful fun for me and motivates me to get outside to hike and explore. Heartfelt thanks to the creators of the SOTA program and the army of volunteers with their continuing efforts that keep SOTA growing and going. SOTA in more than 100 countries! Wow!

NM5S, Alan, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Thats a lot of altitude and a lot of attitude! Congrats Alan!
Mike NS1TA

Congrats for such huge achievement and thank you for the 9 summits you’ve given me so far in W5N, W4V, W6O and W4T (in chronological order).
I’ll be looking forward to many more activations from you.
Best 73,


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Truly amazing Alan!
Keith KR7RK

Good job, Alan! Tnx for the summits…de bill w4hbk