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NiMH batteries at Lidl


Hi all, been to Lidl this afternoon and they had a stack of NiMH batteries. 4 x AAA 900mAh, 4 x AA 2500mAh, 2 x C 4Ah, 2 x D 4.5Ah or PP3 200mAh sizes at £2.00 PER SET. So that’s a set of 8 x 2500mAh for your '817 for £4. They also had chargers but I didn’t examine them - I have a good one already.

I’ve found Lidl stuff to be very good quality as a rule - so hopefully these batteries will be no exception.

I know offers vary according to area so check out www.lidl.co.uk - current specials and put in your postcode.

No, I don’t work for them :slight_smile:

73 Ian GW8OGI.


In reply to GW8OGI:

Thanks for the info. My local Lidl had an enormous pile of assorted cells. I’ve just invested in some AA cells and a charger. Some for the 817 and the rest for kids. The charger claims to charge these AA cells in 3.5hours and handles 6 x AA at once and was £9.99.



In reply to MM0FMF:

Just back from Lidl with loads of cells also as Christmas is coming the goose is worried and being a young grandad nothing worse then no bats on xmas day (HI HI) or is it ho ho

also our local Poundland sell nicads 2800mAh 4x for the vast sum of £1
and three leg camp stool £1 worth a visit if you have one in your area

Many thanks for the info
Gordon MM3XGP