Night-time activating with a VHF handheld

I shall be having a headtorch-lit walk up Bosley Cloud G/SP-015 later this evening, and will be QRV with my VX7R and stock helical antenna from the summit - 2m FM.

So please switch your VHF sets on and monitor 145.500MHz. I’ll add a spot just as I am beginning the ascent - so effectively a 10 minute warning!

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…6 stations were worked on 2m FM. Slow going in the chilly breeze. Nice views across Cheshire, Staffordshire and Manchester at night though.


Well done Tom,

If you could see your way clear (literally) to get an NVIS antenna for 80 meters up there, you would own the night.


Ken, K6HPX

At the time Tom was up there, the critical frequency here was running at 2.75 MHz, so I don’t think an NVIS antenna for 80m would be very effective!

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Off out again shortly. Not quite night-time, although it won’t be long before it starts getting dark! It will be with a VHF handheld again though as I’m very pushed for time between bits of work. Just trying to keep my run of daily activations going, though it will come to an end at weekend when I am back on the road with the band.

Today will be my 14th consecutive daily activation of The Cloud G/SP-015…

Right you are Dave,

One has to pick the times. In S. Arizona, we have an emergency net with changeover times, for 160, then 80 then 40M, going from night into day A full-size half wave wire for 160 is getting pretty BIG, especially for an in-the-dark setup! I’ll do an 80M activation here and report the results.
Best, Ken

Today’s Cloud activation was again a 2m HT affair. Four contacts in six minutes were sandwiched between a walk up the hill, and a walk back down again. Thank you.