Nice S2S LP Contact with HB9BIN from VK6

Don’t give up on Long Path from Europe to VK just yet, still a bit of life in the bands. Had a nice Summit to Summit CW QSO on 20 meters with Juerg HB9BIN/P. Juerg was on HB/BE-103 Stockhorn and I was on VK6/SW-039 Mt.Randall. As you can see Voacap Online calculates it as 26,153 kms Long Path.

Also worked EA2TP on CW and F5PAU and F6KOP on ssb. Local condition were quite poor but did manage some VK contacts and also one with John ZL1BYZ. The radio was KX2 running 10 watts and 58 feet of wire chucked over a tree branch.

Well worth getting out and having a go.

73 John VK6NU


Hi John,

Thanks for the contact yesterday, your signal was about as low as I can copy, well below the noise. When you were working EU stations yesterday, I could still hear you but nothing of the EU signals. I was wondering if it was actually short path that was working for you. It is unusual for LP to work so early for VK6 without any coverage from the east coast. But nothing is “usual” at present so I guess all we can do is log them and wonder about it afterwards!

Let’s hope for another S2S sometime in the coming months.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Hi Andrew, you may well be right about it been short path. I did also work EA2TP and he said he was beaming Long Path. Not having a working beam at home at the moment doesn’t help. I did have a look on the NCRG Remote station and some stations were there SP but nothing on LP. Will do some more tests when I get a chance.

As you said work them first worry later.


John VK6NU