Nice advertisement using ham radio


Great. I bet we all remember our first contact. And maybe our first SOTA activation?


Even after 40+ years of operating I still get a ‘buzz’ every time I have a QSO via an OSCAR Satellite and especially when I work the ISS. The excitement and fun never seems to diminish.


PS Anyone know how to change my callsign on this forum?

Click on your avatar.

Click on ‘Profile’.

Click on ‘Admin’.

Click on ‘Change username’.

You should get a warning that all your existing posts will be unlinked from you.

Thanks - however, I can click on avatar and on profile but there is no ‘admin’ to click on ! What am I doing wrong?

Glyn G4CFS

Many ways of doing the same thing Glyn. Like Tom I have admin rights and we can change a name through those privileges and so we have an admin button. Click your avatar and click preferences and you’ll see a pencil icon by your username, you click that and you can change the name.

Thanks Andy but still no cigar - or should I say no pencil icon by my username - next option please. Thanks Glyn

Yup, your right. I just became you and had a look and whilst I can change your username, you can’t. I can change it for you and drop the extra M. I’ll go and see what happens. Don’t blame me if something horrible happens…

Done. You are now G4CFS.

Thanks Andy your a star!!!

For the purposes of being able to validate the directions that we give to people trying to do things with their reflector ID or other posting things, I have an ID for my alternative call sign that has no admin privileges and following Andy’s instruction I can confirm that I see the pencil icon exactly as he describes, when logged in with that ID. So there is something somewhere that we haven’t fully sussed out yet with this reflector software, if you did not see that. Oh well we learn something new every day.