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News Extra September 2020

From Rob G0HRT Associations Manager.

EA7 AM changes

Arturo EA7KE has indicated that he would wish to resign from the role as SOTA Association Manager for EA7 association. His work in support of SOTA has been much appreciated over the years and he has proposed Jose EA7GV to take over from him.

Jose has accepted the EA7 association role and will also look after the EA7 regions as Arturo did.

There are no urgent updates foreseen for EA7 by the new manager except for updating ARM and database.

Thanks to Guru EA2IF for his assistance in this matter and our best wishes go to him for recovery in health in the very near future.



Hi all,
First of all I introduce myself.
I am happy retired and now I have time for my hobbies: traveling, radio, mountains, etc., I have accepted the role of ea7 AM and I hope I do not disappoint you.
From Granada I am at you disposal.


Congratulations Jose!!! Arturo did an outstanding job !! So you have a great responsibility!!!