Newly released DM/NS-178

Today I could activate the newly released summit Westerberg DM / NS-178 first. The approach to the village Sievershäuser Oberdorf was no problem, parking available. Then 600m on a paved forest trail on the western edge and a short climb of 50m altitude east to the summit.
The place is picturesque, many animal tracks in the snow and space for my wire antenna from tree to tree. The condition on 40m was not bad and after 18min I had 24 stations in the log.
There were again many well-known voices, thank you very much at this point. And compliments for the successful selection of the new summit. A short video can be found here: DL1CR SOTA DM/NS-178 - YouTube


Many thanks for the new summit and activation along with the video Chris,a pleasure to work you again. 73 Don G0RQL.

Well done Chris - thanks for the navigational info and the FB QSO. Here is another potential SOTA COMPLETE now for when I am passing through. Thank you to the MT members for the time spent researching the prominences and sourcing these new summits.

73 Phil

Congrats, Chris, for the first activation of DM/NS-178!
I only know about the landscape from the maps while i was identyfying the prominence of “Westerberg”.
So many thanks four your impressions in the video!

73 Gerhard
Regionalmanager DM/HE and DM/BW

Hi Chris
Well done on activating a new summit, always a pleasure to contact you on a summit.
Regards Ken G0FEX