Newcomer to SOTA

Hi all,

I’m dropping this note to let you know that the SOTA word has spread
to S.America.

I’ll be translating the General Rules in the next days, while I spread
the SOTA word around to a few lists I’m in.

I live in Rio de Janeiro, and there are several summits that could be
reached in a few hours.

I guess the first activation should be the Corcovado (Christ the
Redemptor statue) or Sugar Loaf.

Maybe I can manage to gather a few experienced DX ops to set up an expedition.

73 de PU2PIX

Paulo Marcondes = PU1/PU2PIX
-22.915 -43.224 = GG87jc <= Corrected !
-23.578 -46.671 = GG66pk

In reply to PU2PIX:

Welcome, Paulo, a SOTA Association where you live will be VERY welcome!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to PU2PIX:
Hi Paulo,

Welcome to the group…I am pretty new here also.
I will look forward to working you summit to summit from the US. Please let us know when you are going up!


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Welcome to SOTA Paulo,
Would be great to have Brazil active in SOTA!
You’ll have lots of chasers listening out for you.
Roger MW0IDX

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Hello Paulo
Welcome to SOTA, nice to have Brazil in the programm!
Hpe cuagn
73’s QRO

Brian, Tom, Roger, Lionel and the SOTA Gang

Tranks for the encouraging words.

Right now I am working on a Translation of the General rules and the ARM,
so in the next weeks I might be able to submit them for approval.

As far as QSOs go, at the moment I am only SSB capable, since I do not speak CW, hihi, As such, I will be limited to 3.5 and 28 MHz. Maybe I can manage to build some hi-gain antenna to use in 144 or up…

Hi Paulo,

You’re not the only one who isn’t capable of doing CW. I don’t do CW either, I just do FM and SSB. I have no intension myself to learn CW, even through my Dad (Tom) M1EYP always persuades me to learn CW.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to PU2PIX:

I hope you are successful in setting up an association in Brasil Paulo.
After my activation yesterday I scanned the bands when I returned home and PY2DU was pounding in at s9+ on 10 metres.
I have worked a few PY & other S Americans on 10m from the summits.
73 Steve G1INK.

I reconnected the 817 into its mobile position in my car, after the Backpackers yesterday,for which I was on Shining Tor G/SP-004. I was amazed to find 10m alive and crawling with CW activity. As I only had one DXCC on 10m CW so far this year in G3WGV’s table (and that was Sean M0GIA!), I spent 20 minutes bagging a further six while I had the chance. I would have done more, but the XYL texted me to order a curry and some fizzy wine!

But let’s hope we are treated to more such openings in coming weeks.