Newbie Question: Help with summit definition?


I am going to try for my first activation soon - Mont Ste. Marie VE2/OU-001.

I know that I must be within 25m of the summit.

There are multiple peaks on this summit, one of which is slightly higher than the others as shown here:

My question is: Can I operate within 25m elevation of any one of the four high points I have marked on the topo map above, or must I be at the highest point?


In reply to VA3SIE:
The activation zone is the area enclosed by a closed contour line 25m below the highest point, which in your case looks to be between the 520m and 540m lines drawn on the map. The activation zone is a single, contiguous area.

In reply to VA3SIE:
Hi Martin

Stu is absolutely right and this means that, as VE2/OU-001 has an elevation of 546m, you must be above the 521m “contour ring” around the summit you have marked on your diagram as “Highest Point”. All of the other peaks you have marked are outside the activation zone.

Good luck with the activation…

73 Marc G0AZS