Newbie intro and chaser question (missing points)

Salutations! I am new to SOTA, I have been prepping for me first activation and in the Meantime have done a little chasing. I noticed in my chaser database I was awarded 10 points for working N7CW on 40m but when I worked him again on the same summit on 20m I got zero points. I guess I’m not as familiar with how the scoring works?

Thank you for your help!

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Chaser gets points for a summit only once per day.
All best, and will be listening for you on the bands.

Thanks you! Very helpful. But does my contact help the activator?

Yes most certainly your chase is very valuable to the activator making his score of 4 contacts to qualify the summit. He gets the points value of 10 points once and you get 10 chaser points for one of the contacts you have with the activator. Other summits are worth different points of course. By all means give him a call on other bands as well it helps you both know how your system is working and tests the possibility of making a qso on other bands. Most SOTA activators have a few bands they use during their activation to increase probability of qualifying the summit after all the effort put in to get there. Another thing I would recommend you do if you intend to activate a few summits is set up your kit you intend to use in a park or your back yard and chase some activators to test your kit before you go activating to make sure its good to go. Nothing worse than carting a dud antenna up a hill for instance or find out your tractor battery is a bit heavy for your back pack. joke!
regards and good luck
Ian vk5cz …

Thanks that’s a great tip. I’ve been doing similar park tests as I’ve been testing my kit. So far so good! Now I just need to go hike!

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Actually a second QSO on a different band does not help for qualifying the summit. What is helping is another callsign. So if you have i.e. permission for use a club callsign or a special callsign this will help the activator of course.

See general rules:

3.7.1 Criteria for a valid Expedition

In order for the activation to qualify for the points attributed to that Summit, a minimum of four QSOs
must be made, each of which must be with a different station.

So it is nice for the activator to know the band is open and everthing is working fine. But not counting for the 4 QSO required for getting activating points. One QSO from the activation area on the summit is enough to record in the database.

73 Joe

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