NEWB ALERT! How do I put out an ALERT? M3XEM

Ive joined both sites and but can find out what tab enables me to put out an ALert? AND how to register a Summit that I use?

I have added my Locator details to my profile of my most used Summit.

Beginers Problems I have so far

  1. I live 5 to 10 minutes from a hilltop in North Brighton just above Hollingbury Golf Course it over looks the south coast and I have worked Guilford Repeaters on 4watts with a Kenwood THF7E handheld GB3GF, GB3IW, GB3BR, GB3SR, GB3HE and GB3HY plus plenty of simplex work even sending Digital Pictures using Easy-Pal using my tiny netbook. Can I register my favourite Summit so others can find it? and If so How?
    it’s not officialy a mountain or Ditchling Beacon which takes Buses and more organising but it is a good site and helps with my disabilities being so close.

  2. I want a simple system to log in and put up an alert and take my pack and go.

In reply to Myself:

ok after much searching I find some small links to “NEW SPOT” & “NEW ALERT” only through link SOTAwatch which does the same as the HOME link.

Please put these 2 links at the TOP of the website for easy access. Just a suggestion.

If I use my normal Summit spot how do I in “NEW-SPOT” do the following:

Q. How do I correctly name or register an Activaating Callsign?
Q. How do I correctly name or register a SUMMIT REFERENCE?


Hi Dom,

Welcome to SOTA.

Ditchling Beacon is a SOTA summit, reference G/SE-006. You will find further details via the ‘Summits’ link above.

To register your callsign for participating in SOTA, visit the SOTA Database (link above) and create an account. Once you have done that, and you are logged-in, you just enter your activator or chaser logs with whatever callsign you happened to use for the QSO - eg M3XEM/P, MW3XEM/P etc.

The other hill you mention is not a SOTA summit. SOTA in England uses the objective definition of minimum 150m prominence, and thus uses the RHB Marilyns list. The SOTA hills are listed on this website, and also on the scoring database (‘Database’ link above).

There is an independent website run by John GW4BVE, where you can add your favourite hills. They will not become valid for SOTA, but may become valid for the popular Summit 2 Summit Award run by that website. The URL is:

Hope this helps,


In reply to M1EYP:

Thank you Tom for your speedy reply, I have already registerd to this site and its a shame our Ditchling Beacon Bus service dropped out to just Sundays as of the 27th Sept, I have seen Ditchling beacon listed here, I am going to check the Altitude of some of my local High spots and thanks for the other site info! cheers Tom 73s Dom M3XEM