New Year Activations - VK

Hi all

Checkout the alerts for new year period.
Its going to be a S2S fest in VK.
Last year I logged 30 S2S contacts pre and post rollover.
It appears the same opportunity this year.


Hi Allen its shaping up to be bumper rollover and the weather is good and we havent had any storms
forecast so all good be good to work you then

I hope to activate Mt.Randall VK6/SW-039 before and after UTC rollover, it will mean an early start probably leaving home at 5:00AM. will be trying the Kelemen trapped vertical ground plane antenna for the first time. Hoping to operate on 10-15-20-40 metres both CW and SSB.

Been a real struggle to hear any Sota or Parks activity from home, hopefully be better from a Summit.

John VK6NU

Must check out wx for vk5 its been so hot and dry here but would be good to take part for sure. I will think about it, and watch the weather forecasts
Have fun everyone if I don’t make it out on an activation, I will be home chasing.
Ian vk5cz …

Likewise will be out on a activation or two. If weather permits and can find a summit with good camping may stay overnight. VK6, DX and S2S would be looked forward to.

Edit: Will activate VK2/CT-005 (a somewhat uninspiring place) and will do the 31/1 rollover there.
Next move onto Bonfire Hill VK2/CT-006 which is a nice high, noise free place where I shall camp for the night with a view to working DX for the New Year.

73’s, Nick

Allen, glad the WX forecast is better than today’s 40 degrees C with 30 kmh north westerly winds.
Will start off on Mt. Toorongo VK3/VT-026 for pre and post UTC rollover than head to Mt.Horsfall VK3/VT-028 to be on air around 02:00 hrs and possibly drive the 40 mile break and boundary tracks to finish up for a short stay on McCarthy Spur VK3/VT-039.
The VX7r will be monitoring 146.500 and for possible S2S on 52.525 FM
There is a chance of 10m Es as the VK4RTL beacon has been regular pre UTC albeit not that strong this morning but is building. VK2RSY was S9 yesterday briefly yesterday afternoon and double hop Es to northern VK8 in the late afternoon.
Will try 28.062 CW plus closeby to 28.480 ssb.
Six metres will be around 50.150 - now working better on the doublet with a slightly longer feeder.
Guessing 40 metres will be very busy as per previous years so will need to find a clear slot, will also try CW on 7.032.
There may be LP propagation on 20m to the East Coast of NA?

It will be in the mid 30’s tomorrow according to the forecasters and will be a sweat over the key for sure.
Better wear my tall gaiters for the snakes which will surely be about.

My activations will be the usual do the VK scene and then jump over to 15/17/20/30M for DX to start 2016 on a good footing.

Let’s hope this has cleared up by tomorrow

Cheers, Nick

Nick, 10m Es shortened up this afternoon 0230 hrs. Was hearing the VK1 chasers 5x9++ at around 460km then Matt VK1MA/2 popped out of nowhere 5x7 420km
Presently hearing northern VK2 & VK4 but not strong plus some JA activity.
VK4 popping in and out on 50.110 ssb
Cheers Tony

Thanks Tony, tomorrow will watch for spots and listen out on as many bands as I can.
Don’t have a dedicated 10M aerial but the KX3 loads up ok on the 40M section.
CT-005 will be a pretty brief activation enough to do the rollover for the benefit of the chasers, later when I move to Bonfire will set up a good sun awning for the heat and there do most of my running about the bands.

S2S in particular and hope to hear from you.

73’s Nick