New xiegu sdr radio

Some details here

It looks like the X108G replacement with a built-in ATU and a decent screen replacing the crappy OLED.

I wonder if they are considering better support for some digital modes - they only list CW, SSB & AM in the spec. I guess it can be interfaced to as the X108G can, emulating the ICOM protocol.

73 Ed DD5LP.

Sorry Ed I don’t know, anything about it, just what I received about it, And thought I’d post the two rigs here as they are low power
Don’t think either are in production yet but don’t quote me on that


OK thanks Iain,
Perhaps Xiegu will be at the Tokio Hamfair and make some official announcements there? We’ll wait and see. I have the X108G, which when I have it set up, tuned in etc. puts out a “healthy” 20w on all HF bands - probably 30w PEP. That little bit of extra power on SSB over the 5 and 10w rigs does appear to make a difference. there are a few annoying things on the X108G which maybe Xiegu have addressed on the new G90?

73 Ed.

Yeah maybe they will be their, think their a Chinese company, just what I’ve heard though

TheY are getting quite a following with the qrp stuff

Theirs also more stuff in the pipeline with amps and data panadapters

Check out their Facebook Support Page,for all details
,a great bunch a Amateurs
And the quickest support u will ever see

I’m over the moon with my x5, don’t use my other radios any more

Yes they are Chinese but the largest AR show of the year being relatively close geographically, i suspect they will be at the Tokyo Ham fair.

My experience was that when they don’t have an answer to a problem, they simply stop communicating which is not good customer support. My problems with the visibility of the OLED screen in sunlight on the “outdoor” version of the X108G being a good example of this. As others have reported similar problems on the forum, I suspect it’s not an unusal problem. This could be a language problem however but what I have learnt from the experience is that one should buy new through a local distributor who can either provide support, a replacement unit or your cash back, rather than buying second hand as there’s no support from Xiegu once you are one buyer away from a distributor even when the unit is still within the warranty period.

At least they do respond to emails (at least initially) as I don’t use FaceCrook.

The Xiegu gear is good, the support could be better.

73 Ed.

Wish I had the resources to visit a big Ham Radio Exhibition, but I’m afraid I don’t work hard enough for that,
My support with my Xiegu is in uk, and second to none, if it were abroad, I don’t know if I’d be an owner

So your support Iain is from a local supplier - I think with the Chinese companies, that’s best option. UK consumer laws apply and the dealers acknowledge that.

I couldn’t resist the price I got my Xiegu for about half of what it would have cost via a dealer but buying new from a dealer rather than second hand would have got me better support. It’s a balance. Usually I can handle most hardware problems but when the problem is a design fault, there’s limited options.

73 Ed.