New Wyoming chaser /activator

Good Morning all, Had my first QSO as a Chaser yesterday, excited to start earning some points and do some activation as soon as I have my gear put together, I looked and there are a lot of local to me locations that have not ever been activated. So I live in southwest Wyoming and have been a ham for a little over 5 years, I am 100 percent CW and look forward to meeting everyone.
Danny KF7Z


Welcome to the group Danny. There are a lot of us waiting for more Wyoming summits.
Jack kb7hh

Welcome onboard, Danny!
Wyoming is certainly one of the rarest states to be found on the air.
I remember several years ago, when I was working for my WAS (Work All States) and I had them all but the precious WY. I spent some days with my yagi beaming to North-America while calling specifically CQ Wyoming…
Well, I finally got it but WY keeps being a not very commonly heard on the air State, at least over this Eastern side of the Pond.
With so many non activated summits you must have there, you’re surely going to be like a rare DX and lots of fun are guaranteed.
You are very lucky. Enjoy it!
I’ll be looking forward to chasing you some of these days.


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Two things we need badly… Wyoming activator and another CW operator. The in-state activator with two-thirds of the climbs there hasn’t gone up since the middle of 2016. Of the remaining one-third, the majority of those in-state climbs were done by a station that hasn’t gone up for five years. You will be a popular dude.

Elliott, K6EL

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Welcome, Danny!
As already said, chasers will be happy to have another Wyoming activator. I’ve done some activating in Wyoming over the past few summers, but only around Laramie and Saratoga (and ssb, at that.) Have fun, and I’ll keep working on my cw in anticipation of an opportunity to chase or have a summit to summit with you!
Peter KD0YOB

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Welcome from your neighbor to the North (Montana). It is fun to have someone else in the neighborhood. I have been known to sneak across the state-line every now & then - I’ll hope to meet or work you someday!

Rob - AE7AP

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