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Klaus DF2GN has submitted a new video.



In reply to G3CWI:
Wont play on either my home or qrl pc. :frowning:

In reply to G1INK:
Won’t work here either.

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Just played it again here and it’s okay with me.

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Now working here too.


In reply to G4BLH: It sort of works here, it starts and stops all the way through. Mike

In reply to G1INK:
Klaus’ video works A-OK here; using a PC with XP running at 2.8GHz and 5 Mbps broadband. Won’t work properly on a laptop with 98SE at 500MHz so I suspect there is a speed issue somewhere along the line for some people.
73 de Ken

In reply to GM0AXY:
Works ok here now Ken, similar hardware to yourself but 16 Mbps connection - maybe too fast hi ;-))
73 - Steve.

In reply to G3CWI:
Just seen the video, nicely put, no problem with me :wink:
Steve m0sgb

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Working fine here now.