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New Video with field-test of the new AX-1 antenna from ELECRAFT

After a break from about 4 weeks Carine (HB9FZC) and I were back in the mountains one week ago. We’ve activated the Schneitgrat, HB/BE-145 and could make a first field-test of the new AX-1 antenna from ELECRAFT. Have a look at our new Video and be impressed to :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

vy 73 de René, HB9NBG + 73/88 de Cariner, HB9FZC


Hi René, I had one of these in my hands at Friedrichshafen and I find the two leg support on the BNC plug for use with the KX3 is a brilliant idea!

Good to see the antenna works very well for such a small sized unit as well.

73 Ed.

Hi Ed
Yes, the performance of this small antenna is really impressive, and it’s very light and a real good solution for activities on small summits with limited space. Now Carine and I will launch a new package soon, which will be called “HB9NBG+HB9FZC’s SOTA-Antenna-Package” and which includes the following parts:


and as addition we take the 5m-Teleskopmast-ultraleicht with us on our activations, so we have the perfect antenna-solution for each situation :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

73 de René, HB9NBG + 73/88 de Carine, HB9FZC

Hi René,

Well done on the activation and stations received as well as those worked. These small antenna set-ups are not only good for limited space summits, but also for busy summits where there is a lot of foot traffic. I have my own solution which puts a (40-10m tunable) HF whip (HF-Pro2) on a camera tripod but thats a little larger than your option, but also packs down well into a rucksack for transport but nothing like as small as that AX-1! That’s almost like the old walkie-talkie sized set-ip that you have there with the KX-2 plus AX-1.

73 Ed.

Hi Ed

I didn’t know the HF-Pro2 'til now, but it seems to be the same antenna as the RHM8B from DIAMOND. We have it on stock, but we have tested it only one time for an activation on the high-alps around the swiss-italian border at the Col de Grand St-Bernhard. It’s a well finished antenna and a real good solution for the operation between 40m and 10m - 6m included. For us it was a Little bit to heavy for a big mountain-hike. KX-2, AX-1, MFJ-1840T and HB9NBG’s SOTA-Dipol are the perfect solution for us :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

vy 73 de René, HB9NBG + 73/88 de Carine, HB9FZC

FYI - René, your video has been spotted by Wayne and Eric from Elecraft and mentioned it on the latest Ham Nation program in the questions section at the end.


Hi Ed
Thanks for your Information :slight_smile: Can you send me the link? And i forgot to mention: please remind me concerning the manufacturer in Portugal about at the end of January, so that we do not Forget this.

Thanks very much and have a nice day :slight_smile:

vy 73 de René, HB9NBG

Hi René

Here’s the link to the current Ham Nation video - the reference to your video by the Elecraft guys is in the question & answer section right at the end - probably about 5 minutes from the end.

The company I referred to in the PM is in Spain, not Portugal and is called Kommunica Power - I’ll try to remember to remind you again at the end of January.

73 Ed.