New video on YouTube. You like?

KX3 with Begali adventure and Inv V
Awesome trip, but a little bit too much ice…
Hope you enjoy


Yes I like it!
Hard climb, nice summit, better than the other way round…
And a lady with stilettos already waiting in the sun.
Nice boots.

73 Martin

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Thank you Martin!
I am married, so not allowed to look at other women :wink:

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What an activation effort for one point! I feel guilty now, with our summer weather and I complain about insects! Never frost or ice on our local summits… I also value the S2S contacts very highly, it is a great achievement.
Thanks for the video. Enjoyed watching it.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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Nice video, hard work that for sure.


John VK6NU

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Hi, thanks for the nice video and the wintertime activation. I think ist a litte bit dabgerous to walk there in the night. Good to see you save back. Well done

Best 73’s

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Hei, Yes i like it. thanks for the beautiful video and photos of the activation, so I know where you were when we had QSO and how cold your feet were. . ps it was a good signal that you put down. gdl up to the next
73 Don

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Great video!

No winter activations for me due to the lockdown :frowning: I’m watching SOTA on YouTube instead.

VY 73


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Hi Henning,

thanks a lot for the qso and the nice video; it’s always great to hear the signal from the other end.
I suffered when I saw your naked hands keying, grab a pair of good gloves next time, hi!

What a climb with all that ice! Glad you returned safe and looking forward for your next summit, take care and stay safe.
73 Ignacio

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Hello Henning,
I enjoyed very much your video! Thanks for posting it here.
Those ice spikes are the type I need to find for me. I searched for them at Decathlon without success. If you could send me a link to some web site selling at or sending those type of icespikes to Spain, I’d be very grateful.
I’m not sure but I guess this activation is the one of LA/TM-011 you made on Feb. 28th, when I chased you on 40m at 17h14z.
Thanks for the activation, the QSO and the great video.


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I would take cold over insects (without mozzy net) any day :wink:
I don’t do this for activator points, I do it because of my level of home-noise, sometimes passed S9 on 20m… And of course the chance to work some S2S

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@ Guru.
The chains are called Chainsen pro, I hope you can find it via google.
Mine cost about euro40 and they are really good!
Yes, this was my activation on 28th feb
73 de Henning