New TRX On The Block: Penntek TR-25

I saw this while browsing recently; I thought some of you may find it interesting.

Main characteristics (from my own perspective!):

  • Kit or pre-build (also kit option with pre-wound toroids) - not cheap
  • Two bands: 20m &40m
  • Small, trail friendly form factor (300g)
  • Adjustable TX power (up to 10W if supplied with 14V)
  • Possibility to connect straight key and paddle at the same time
  • As of today, I couldn’t find reviews or videos of this device on the web…

The front colour is identical to the Racal RA-17 Communications Receiver. Probably just a coincidence Romain. I worked on these receivers from 1972-1975 at RAF Cosford! An interesting compact transceiver this Penntek is for sure. I don’t need one but other activators might - import duties no doubt add on to the stated price…

73 Phil

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