New to the group - Hello from the South West

Hi there,

I thought this looked like the place to say hello and explain why I joined the reflector. I have been a ham since 2010 but exclusively on HF, and for the last 2 years on CW…

I need to get fitter so I started to do walks on Dartmoor on a Saturday, when I have a few hours to myself, and I thought “hey I could get one of those hand held things an hit the repeater (whatever that was) on Kit Hill, and maybe in to Plymouth”. That might be fun. So now I have a Quansheng Tu-007 and one thing has lead to another and the next purchase will be a SOTABeams MFD and we will take it from there. :slight_smile: I believe FM is a bit limiting, but thats where I am for the time being. I am sure it will be interesting, and I will do much walking, which I enjoy, and its good for me.

all the best,


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Hi Scott

Welcome to SOTA. You seem to be on the right track as far as activating is concerned and you can have a lot of fun with your hh and MFD from a summit.

I would suggest you locate your nearest SOTA summit (see SOTAwatch), alert on SOTAwatch when you intend to activate the summit and give it a go. Just remember repeater contacts do not count as SOTA contacts.

As a newcomer to SOTA I suggest you read the various introductory articles on the website and also this Reflector is an amazing mine of information.

It looks as if you are on HF so I suggest that you try listening on the bands for SOTA activations (see SOTAwatch spots) and try a little chasing when you get the feel for the way things are done - it will also help your activation techniques.

I hope some of the points I’ve given will prove helpful and no doubt others will chip in if I’ve missed anything. Good luck - it’s addictive :smile:

73 de

Allan GW4VPX

Thanks Allan, I will be having a good read of the info on the website. The nearest one to me oddly enough is Kit Hill, which is a drive up and set up on the high point kind of activation. I believe I have to get contacts with France, the Channel Islands, or Dorset/ Somerset for it to be a valid activation? Not sure if they all (or any) will be achievable with 5w FM but I’ll give it a go in a few weeks time, weather permitting.

And I’ll have a listen on HF as well to a few activations…

all the best,



Welcome to SOTA. The rules are here: Summits on the Air

I think your understanding of how SOTA works would benefit greatly from reading them. Once you’ve done that, ask away on anything you need more help with.

Most important point of all: have fun!


Andy, you could have said 4 unique contacts will qualify the activation from whatever country or county, I`m sure that would have been a more efficient use of bandwidth on this new forum.

Steve, Scott is already aware he needs 4 unique contacts, telling Scott where he can find the rules will help Scott with everything else needed. He’ll also find all those helpful articles on chasing and activating written by real chasers and activators. If someone is new to SOTA they often are unaware of the SOTA website. Scott’'ll find links to the shop so he can get his awards when the bug to chase and activate has become incurable. Above all, Scott’ll find the links on how to contact the various members of the management team.

I could have told Scott what he already knew, 4 unique contacts, I could have pointed Scott at merely the pdf for the UK and the general rules. By ensuring he is aware of the other website, I know he now knows where he can find lots of info.

Well I am getting used to the radio and have ordered an MFD from SOTAbeams, so over the next few weeks I will try and make a few simplex contacts from high places, and to continue reading up on the rules.

Hi Scott

I’m glad to hear you are making progress. If I can help you in any way drop me an e-mail via my e-mail address on


Allan GW4VPX

Thanks Allan, tomorrow I will be going up on Dartmoor to give the MFD a shot - I got it today. Not sure whether to call CQ on 145.500 or just to try and hit a few distant repeaters…depends on the weather as well - I have a few hours between 1330 and 1530 to myself.

You can call into the repeaters and see if you can get someone to try simplex with you. It’s a method I used in SOTA’s early days when there were less chasers about.

Ah yes I hadn’t thought of that!! I can see my 30m CW base station mindset will have to change a bit!! I actually TALKED to someone on HF last night and found it an odd experience, though local chatting on 2M with my handie is geting me used to phonetics etc…



Remember that repeater contacts do not count towards the activation. But it’s okay to use a repeater to set up a simplex contact as Andy mentioned.

Ah yes I knew about repeater contacts not counting. Tomorrow is just to try out the antenna and I wont be going to a summit just a bit of moor above Ivybridge! :slight_smile: I do plan to activate Kit Hill, Hensbarrow Beacon, and High Willhays eventually, but it would be nice to do it with someone and at present its just me. Maybe I can convince my daughter to get into radio (she’s 9) in a few years.

all the best


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Finally got me self sorted on here after many a hair pulling out seasons
Am Karl M3FEH low powered station from SE Cornwall on G5 full sand 10W and now Portable also off a G5 Half

recently got into SOTA chasing and loving it
using the sota watch bit to chase them down
But its brill whehn some persons climbed a mountion as last one i spoke too using only 5 watts makes bit of a challenge

when weather calms down will be active from Kitt hill in Cornwall on HF across 40 15 and 20 and 10m in SSB only

So Sota away folks

thanks again to the admins for the help