New to SOTA ? How to get summit added?

I am new to SOTA and would like to activate Mt Driskill here in Louisiana. It is the higher natural summit in Louisiana at 535 feet. How can I get it assigned a SOTA number. I have nice new KX3 on order and as soon as it arrives, I am taking to the hills.

72/73 John NS5Z

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Suggestions for new summits should be sent to the Association Manager for the area and yours in W5 is Mike KD9KC. You can post your question over on the NASOTA yahoo group where he hangs out (along with at least one resident of Louisiana) or contact him directly:


Eric KU6J

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SOTA is based prominence and not height, John. For most of the world, the general requirement is a prominence of 150 metres or in non-metric countries 500ft. There is an option in low lying countries or states, for a 100 metre or 330ft criterion where the summit density falls below a certain criteria. However the summit you refer to has a prominence of just 230ft so unfortunately it would not qualify against either criterion.
73 Jim g0cqk