New to SOTA and don't want to waste time. :)

Ok! Question number one:

So how do I acquire a number for a particular mountain top?

Do I have to use an external battery separate from the mobile if I can reach the peak with one?

Do most people act as a team of 2 or more ,or do generally all of you run solo?

I want to get this show on the road and have some great peaks at very high altitude. I’m ready with portable yagis for 20m-70cm and ready to run QRP/QRO CW, SSB, FM, Digital modes, and even AM. So look out for me because I’m not going to disappoint you guys.

Thanks for any responses and 73!

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Hi! There is a manual online for each Association which includes the details for each summit. You can also click on “Summits” at the top of this page and go by the route of Association - region - summit list to find the valid summits in the area you are interested in.

There is no requirement to carry a separate battery if you feel that there is sufficient power in the internal battery for your activation.

Activating alone or as a team is a matter of choice and will be influenced by the difficulty of the ascent. Unless you are very experienced an alpine type ascent is better as a team of two.

Good luck with your activations, have a great time!


Brian G8ADD

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Hello, and welcome…

Do I have to use an external battery separate from the mobile if I can
reach the peak with one?

Under the SOTA rules, the final ascent is required to be person-powered, so you cannot be using your vehicle in any shape or form… especially as a power-source or an antenna mount


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There is a North American SOTA Yahoo Group:

They will be able to give you some guidance on local issues. As Andew states driving up to a summit and operating from a vehicle (or using the vehicle battery) is not an option for SOTA.

Check out the guidelines for activators here:

Stacks of other useful info here:



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N2RRA come on our NA SOTA yahoo group. We are fun guys.


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Thanks a bunch and I will check into the Yahoo Group. Will post future operation on spot check.