New to SOTA - 73 de 5P2BA

Hello all,

happy New Year. I am new to the SOTA and will be mainly active from the “Danish Lake Land” area. I look forward to our contacts.

My main interest is outdoors as hiking, QRP, and to learn more about our wonderful hobby and what it has to offer.

vy 73 de Frank - on the air since 1978


Welcome Aboard. Have fun.

As hiking and qrp are your interests then SOTA will be the activity for you. Welcome to SOTA, there is a whole world out there waiting to contact you.

Cheers and hope to hear from your summit one day.


Welkomst. Hope to work you one day

Welcome to SOTA Frank, enjoy!

Hi Frank,

Your in for real treat with SOTA if you are organised with the relevant equipment which doesn’t have to be too sophisticated (on the radio front!).

Also. Interested in your 5P Danish call. Don’t think I’ve ever worked a 5P? Wonder if it is VHF only?

73 es gud SOTA-eering


Not just me then Jack. Frank, I had to look it up as it sounds like it should be Africa or S. Pacific and not OZ-land.

Frank, welcome aboard. Not too many summits in Denmark but they’re relatively rare so you should get plenty of interest.

Confused me too when I had to post merchandise to Denmark to a certain somebody (no names, no pack drill!) with a 5P call.
Had to double check too!

Call is a class A, all privileges

Wait until you hear me with my OZ44C call :smile:

All info on

Welcome Frank, enjoy SOTA! Do not forget the southests, be a little QRO!!!

73 de SV2OXS, Christos.

Hi Frank,

Welcome to SOTA. Lookout for the next EU - VK S2S event in late March 2017 (TBA), where you may have an opportunity to chase VK peaks.

Happy new year Frank and good luck for your future activations.

73 Andrew VK1AD

For info

Are all regular prefix for Denmark

As well as XP for Greenland


I looked it up Frank when I first saw it and found the OU-OZ allocation from which we all know of OZ for Denmark. I found a few OU prefixes allocated to special event stations/commemorative stations. Also listed was the 5P-5Q block. But yours is the only 5P call I’ve ever seen. The 2 may be a regional ID but that means there are calls 5P2AA to 5P2BA at least meaning 26 other 5P2 calls.

I suppose I’m going through the “5P2… what?” experience the way everyone in Europe did when the UK start allocating “2E0 and 2E1” calls 20+ years ago.

Hej Frank!
Fancy a summit-2-summt QSO on VHF OZ <> DM/NS?
And how about the NAC? I often take part from a summit.


Hello dear OM, I am not all “up running” with my equipment. I will get back. Am also in touch with some other HAM friends from our local club. We will - soon - be ready to have OZ100DVI in the air.

Wir können auch auf deutsch schreiben :slight_smile:

Yap, we both speak german, but the Reflector doesn’t.

Would you like a section of this reflector for discussions etc. in German? We can create a German/Deutsch subject group but I don’t know if the menus/prompts etc. can be made in to German. I think the reflector is only available in one language per installation. i.e. it is all English or all German but not part in each?

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No Extrawurst for the germans.

I think that’s a good idea. Not all Germans speak English well enough to read and especially write posts in English. We had a German section in the old reflector for this reason.
Don’t worry about the menus of the reflector too much. That’s only a few words which should be managable even with limited language skills.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

OK, there is a Deutsch / German category now. Tell me if the description or spelling needs changing.

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