New Spot appearence

an update is underway I guess!
You can see in SotaWatch the comment on the spot, the novelty lies in the fact that nothing of what you post appears and instead there is the name of the summit and its altitude … Thing you had already passing the mouse in front of the reference of the summit + the name of activator !
Wait, maybe that can change again

Apart from the lack of editing, it is working exactly as it did before.

For people who have missed the plethora of messages so far regarding SOTAwatch changes, work on deplying SOTAwatch3 is underway. We had 2 choices, turn off the existing SOTAwatch whilst work was done and leave users with no spots or alerts. Or interrupt the existing flow and functionality of SOTAwatch as the new system was integrated. We thought that maybe everyone would appreciate an occasionally limited SOTAwatch than no SOTAwatch.

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Thank you Andy
it was just a statement :slight_smile: do not see anything nasty, quite the opposite! Not being very informed, probably because I do not necessarily read all the news. My apologies if you have read my bad english