New SOTA web page

Congrats for the new page.

just a small remark: on “Associations” page i found difficult to find how to reach ARMs… maybe we have to put on bold the:

“Please click on an Association to find out more information, access the Association Reference Manual (ARM) and view its regions & qualifying summits.” ??

Not english speaking people usually avoid to read large blocks of words trying to locate the key-words for what they search.

73, Panos, SV1COX

P.S. perhaps button controls on each association’s row could pass the message in a more clear and fast way?

Hi All

Notwithstanding Panos’ comments, the new website is much neater and more intuitively navigable. Just the thing to snare the interest of non-SOTAphiles doing a bit of research as a result of a chance contact with an activator. Congratulations to all involved.

…and very illuminating regarding responsibilities of MT members…

73 de Paul G4MD

In reply to G4MD:
A very nice new website !
Congratulations to all

Alain F6ENO