New SOTA-ready system from ICOM

With the popularity of the FT817, Yaesu have had most of the SOTA market since the programme started. It now appears that ICOM are keen to get back in with the announcement of the IC-795i

Details: (only in Japanese at present).


Happy April Fools’ Day!
… at least in respect to become the new market leader for SOTA rigs … :slight_smile:

Trump tower on saleトランプタワー発売/

Toru jh0cjh

And they have even launched a new dual band HT


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I believe these are being used for this activation today –

Is it a sign of advancing old age that I don’t find any of these April Fools funny anymore? At one time a good April Fool would be such that it was entirely believable by many people, especially if they were not involved with the subject matter.

All the one’s I’ve seen for the last few years are as subtle as a flatulence in a lift(elevator) car. They’re all obvious and transparent.

Yep, must be getting old.

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To be fair, it would be hard to beat - was it Panorama? - and gathering the harvest from the spaghetti trees!:grinning:

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Yes a true classic the spaghetti harvest on the BBC in 1957. That worked because Britain in 1957 didn’t do Foreign Food so the origins of spaghetti, a strange foreign food, were unknown to a huge number of people. Meat and two veg was the order of the day! Likewise the invites sent to many noble gentlemen and Lords etc in the 1860s. to attend the annual cleaning of the Lions in Trafalgar Square resulting in all sorts of genrty standing around wondering what was happening and nobody wanting to let on they’d been had.

Now you get daft stuff like the BMW ad that featured tractor beams. Even the terminally stupid wouldn’t fall for that. So it’s not funny.

No,I don’t find it funny either Andy. Some peoples level of sarcasm is just terribly lame that it makes you despair…

Considering it is the 1st of April :disappointed:

It’s a nice touch, a smart watch that has a spectrum analyser and part of the IC7300 display on board. For an extra giggle, the suggestion that an IC PW1 1kw amplifier and ATU, requiring mains power and weighing many kg would be a good option for the sota operator with a watch based radio.

A lovely bit of graphic design though.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH