New SOTA Mapping website URL

As from today, the SMP site can be reached under, which is probably easier to remember than the older, but still viable,

Links to the new address will gradually be updated in the various SOTA web-sites and -pages, when and as the SOTA developers find time to do so.

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Will it complicate Sota Mapping if the vote today results in Scotland physically separating from the UK?
Once a land put out to sea.
Perched on top, surprise - it’s thee
…Hark! Say what’s that roar?
…Look around and find an oar
It’s a bumpy ride, isn’t it? Wheeee

Elliott, K6EL
Arrest that man

Elliott, it all depends on how fast, and in what direction, Scotland moves away from England. The SOTA Mapping Project uses as a matter of course (pun only slightly intended) sophisticated algorithms which already take care of post-glacial rebound, continental drift, drift of the poles, precession of the equinoxes, etc., but I have to say in all honesty we did not reckon with countries splitting apart.

I understand the Scots have a lot of wind-powered generators - by running them in reverse as vast propeller fields, and powered by the energy of their North Sea oil reserves, they should be able to get up to break-off speed by - oh, let’s say the beginning of April, 2015.

73, Rob

Would it be cheaper to propel it by HOT AIR, Rob? Ask all the politicians to face East so the island of the Scots would move West by Newtonian physics and eventually reach the USA, thereby reducing the cost of scotch whiskey and allowing American scientists the opportunity to study what kind of underwear scotsmen use.

Elliott, K6EL
Say What?

Scottish hot air, Elliott - an oxymoron, even for the politicians. No- they could wake up the long-dormant Maxwell’s Demons to separate out the speedier molecules from the waste heat generated by the whiskey distilleries, gather them all up in huge inflatable haggis contraptions and, when full, open the nozzles and direct the blasts southwards. Job done.

And I think we’ll draw a veil over those American scientists and their whimsical fancies…