New SOTA Dog Initiation on an Initial Activation in W4K - Kentucky

Congratulations to Atlas, my 4.5 month-old miniature dachshund puppy, on his initiation as our newest SOTA Dog! He hiked the 2-mile round trip on an initial activation of W4K/EC-177 in Pikeville, KY. A nap was had in my backpack during my activation.

Summit Notes:

W4K/EC-177 1540B is located within the Bob Amos Park in Pikesville, KY. While the summit itself is an antenna site and is gated on the main paved access road, the Real McCoy trail (opened in 2022) grants access to the extreme edge of the AZ. A trail map is located here.

I began at the Peach Orchard Trailhead (37.47014724081112, -82.55737753802002) which has parking for about 5 vehicles depending on their orientation. (See my track for more information.) I continued up the paved trail to the Cedar Hills Connector, which begins after a two-track trail but before a park bench. The trail seemed newly-created, marked with survey flags, but follows a faint logging trail to the obvious Real McCoy trail. (In mid-November, the Cedar Hills Connector was covered in leaves but may be easier to follow in other seasons.)

The intersection of the Real McCoy trail occurs just as the trail turns beneath some high-tension power lines - remember this when you’re on your way out.

The Real McCoy Trail continues South to a saddle at about (37.46451, -82.55246) which, followed North, comes into the outer extreme of the AZ.

There was adequate AT&T service for spotting, and featured a nice fallen tree trunk to sit on for the activation.

Michael, N4DCW


Fine looking pup! Little doubt he has you twisted around his little toe.

Andy, N4LAG


Your new pup is beautiful, he will be a great sota partner for many years.

Thanks for the S2S yesterday.
73, Eric


Thanks for your patience with your callsign. Someone was barking at a passing leaf on a windy summit.

@K9IR and I have a joke about a Q code when other non-SOTA hikers are a distraction during an activation. We use QPR (as in, the Peasants are Revolting.) We’ll need to come up with one for when the K9 is being distracting :rofl:

Thanks, Eric!


We are still working out the hierarchy around here.

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Beyond cute. Bet he gets all excited, next time he realizes that you’re going for another activation.

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Great looking pup! I think he should be added to the “minimalist HF kit” under discussion in the recent reflector topic… it would be a challenge fitting my 70 lb Weimaraner into my backpack!
Jeff KX6I


Hey Michael. I see you were running straight to your KX2. You running a soingle band resonant or a random wire? Wire lengths


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Atlas will be a fine SOTA dog! Hiking has kept Tucson the SOTA dog fit and trim.

Ron, NR3E :hiking_boot:


58’ radiator

Good SOTA Pup!

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