New SMP alerts mapping page

It’s been a project I’ve long planned to realize, but something else always seemed to crop up to make demands on my time. Anyway, I decided finally on Wednesday to bite the bullet and start the project - which has today resulted in a new page in the SMP devoted to mapping the SOTAWatch alerts.

The page can be found in the top menu under "alerts :slight_smile: " - I hope it can be of use to somebody out there.



Oh My thats rather good

thanks again


WOW… and double WOW.

Elliott, K6EL

Excellent again Rob.

…you want fries with that? :grinning:

Brilliant, many thanks Rob!
Roger MW0IDX

Most excellent Rob.

A little suggestion…

If you could parse the freq/modes string to set different markers it would be cool. Potentially difficult I do not doubt!

How about a round marker if CW is offered, square for phone/other modes and a star for both. Red, green and blue for HF+50, 70MHz+higher, and both respectively.

Just a thought.

Awesome as is!


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I’ve certainly been giving this some thought - the main difficulty would revolve around the syntax of the freq/modes strings used by the posters of alerts. I examined a bunch of alerts earlier in the week, and found inconsistencies in the syntaxes - looking today, however, I find a great deal of consistency in these strings. So it varies from day to day. Examples of good strings: “145-fm,144-ssb,24-ssb,7-ssb”, “146.520-fm,10-cw,14-cw,18-cw,14.347-ssb”, “28-cw”.

One is still left with the odd string like e.g. “7-24-cw”: is this supposed to mean “any/all bands from 7MHz through 24MHz, all CW”? If so, then we need an alteration to the standard syntax to mean “from xxxMHz through yyyMHz” (unless of course such a rule already obtains). How about “7&24-cw” as a suggestion?

In the meantime, I’ll code up a little parser for good strings (heh!) and then think about different icons - it’s not difficult. But I don’t want the page to look like a christmas tree with fairy lights and all! :christmas_tree:



Another great tool, thanks Rob.

I may have found one problem, or rather it not doing something I would expect however.

When I make a selection for example next 7 days, Sota Association, DL association and press the apply button - it works - great, but if I then change the selection to something where there is no data - e.g. next 7 days, Sota Association, EA8 assocation and press the apply button, the previous display for the upcoming activations in DL are still shown.

Perhaps there needs to be a pop-up to say no alerts found ?

73 Ed.

Ed, you’re right - it should have shown a popup; this has now been corrected. Thanks for the heads-up!

Also implemented the following:

  • colour-coding in map icons and list items for alerts of different time-groups,
  • a small key to inform the user of which colour represents what,
  • cleaned up the code for pulling icons data,
  • stopped the script from occasionally hanging while refreshing data.

HTH, Rob

Thanks Rob, popup now there … however can I give you another couple of issues. It seems to me that all alert icons now say"undefined metres, undefined ft." and while the map zooms in when looking at alerts in e.g. DL, it doesn’t zoom out again if I change to Worldwide alerts.

73 Ed.

…fixed. It’s really nice when users get back to me with issues in my scripts - nobody’s perfect, after all. So thanks again, Ed!

I’ll check out the zoom issue tomorrow…


PS - EVERYBODY - check out the panorama view for the entry “NS0TA on KH6/OH-021” - it just has to be seen!!! - they do say that salt water near the antenna has a beneficial effect on DX!

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Very neat. I found myself wondering whether the alert for the KH6 operation would find us both in daylight, musing that the dark/light zone display would be a nice extra, but of course there are many sources of that display. It would be great if the grey line was visible in respect of a specific alert.
Andrew vk1da/vk2uh

…in the sense that, for any alert chosen, the “Day/Night” overlay already available (but mostly useless as it stands for alerts) in the alerts page should be shown in the correct position on the map for the time of the alert? I’m actually working on that, and should have a solution soon.


You’re welcome Rob. Thanks for the quick resolution.
By the way, it seems the zoom-in to an association has now stopped working - is that possible?

Request: would it be possible to include the activator callsign in the box that comes up when one “mouses over” an icon - the box that currently displays summit name and height/points. I know I can see the activator and other details if I click on the icon but it would be nice to see who is intending to activate without having to open the bigger display box.

73 Ed.

…perfectly possible! I’ll check through the zooming code this evening.

… no problem - will get this done later (I have a part-time manual job with which I am lucky enough to be able to earn a crust or two :bread: …)


…This has now been implemented.

The user now has the choice of choosing the following “grey line” options:

  • show “active” day/night shading, which will enable updating of the shading to follow the current sun’s position;
  • show “static” day/night shading to represent the lighting conditions at the date and time of the chosen alert;
  • no shading.

In addition, the automatic zooming-in to a summit when a particular alert is chosen has been replaced with a user-setting available via the “Settings” button and dialog. Options here are:

  • do not zoom in automatically - leave the zoom where you have set it. This is the default value;
  • zoom in automatically for each chosen alert summit.

The first option is best when you quickly view many separate alerts - the zoom stays where you left it. The second option is best when you wish to view a particular alert summit in detail.


Hi Rob great work again!

For clarification ('cos I misunderstood it doh!) the zoom in option is set via the settings button and works on the selection you make in the boxes at the top of the screen. A zoom does not occur when you simply click on a dispalyed summit icon - you still have the “Centre and zoom” option in the summit data box that comes up for that).

I may be having a “dumb day” today, but I can’t see where I chose the type of grey line I want to see. Clicking day/night turns on or off the grey line display but where do I chose whether I want the current time grey line or the at-the-time-of-activation grey line? Perhaps the latter is only available when only one summit is displayed?


Ed, you’re going to have to do a full refresh on your browser window to pull the newest versions of the code libraries. Try this page if you’re unsure of what to do.


Hi Rob,
Thanks - yes I know about clearing all caches and reloading the page - did that and all is working now - thanks. I must have somehow got only half of the changes previously - strange.
73 Ed.