New Shack Sloth KB6CIO

It quietly slipped by last month without any fanfare, Bob KB6CIO became a Shack Sloth. Congratulations Bob.

Jeff, K6QCB


Nice work Bob - that represents a LOT of listenng time!
73 - Rick WB0USI

Congratulations Bob ! You have a good signal. I’ve heard you in the chase many times here in Pa. All the best. de Scotty KG3W

congrats on the shack solth

73 Martha W0ERI

Well done KB6CIO

Will be there one’s self, one day, just reaching nearly 500 chaser points one’s self.
Just added another 8 points this morning.

And can say proudly too, all on 10w and a G5RV full thus so far.

Don’t know about a lot of listening time with the sota alert more like in one’s case a lot of calling time.

But would like to thank those that climb these places in what seems in many a case a major hike up there to operate and down again compared to the local hill’s around me. But end of day please stay safe so we can chase you on another mountion on another day.
Thank you for keeping us busy on air waves and well enjoying the SOTA bug. In this case well bitten



THANK YOU Very Much for your note here!
73, Bob KB6CIO

PS - You might consider posting your email address under your call sign for free at as this is the only place I know to send you anything.

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