New Shack Sloth in Virginia

Congratulations to Dow Pierce WA4HMX on becoming a new Shack Sloth in the state of Virginia!

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Yep good stuff - saw the spot when he worked Klaus DF2GN/P - congrats 8)
Mike G6TUH

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Congrats Dow !

Well deserved. It’s a great accomplishment. I am also working on my “Shack Sloth”.

73 Erik
W4T - 839 pts

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Congrats Dow on achieving Shack Sloth. 1,000 points is a very nice milestone. All the best de Scotty KG3W

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Congrats Dow and welcome to Slothdom!
Now, on to Double Sloth!

Ralph (born in Virginia, adopted by the great state of Texas)
W5T Shack Sloth #6

Congrats Dow and thatnks also for the nice dx on 12m :wink:

vy 73 Klaus

Congratulations Dow on achieving the Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congrats to Dow my new friend here in Virginia