New S57XX Activations


Under SOTAwatch Recent Summit Info I have added three new external links to last activation reports (text is in Slovene language), with some pictures, maps and links to Picasa web album.

S5/BI-018, S5/BI-024 & S5/JA-033

73 de Jure S57XX

In reply to S57XX:

I only found this recently so there may be others who do not know this. You can now use Google’s translate facility to translate webpages to and from Slovenian in to other languages. OK the translation isn’t perfect but it does allow you to understand most of what is being written. It’s excellent for those of us who don’t know any of the Eastern European languages and only a little French or German (in my case I can just order food and beer!)

I’ve been slowly working through the S5 activation reports and admiring the many fine pictures. The beauty of the countryside has pushed Slovenia right up the list of places I want to visit and possibly activate from.


In reply to MM0FMF:

Hello again,

Yes, Google’s translate is nice tool, but some translations are, let’s say, funny.

Today I have found problem with pictures included into my reports. It looks that monthly download bandwidth was exceeded. If I could not make an arrangement with, those pictures would not be visible until September 16th.

In future I have to spread those pictures between different accounts. Other option – less activation and fewer reports is out of question ;).

Jure S57XX

Osojnica – S5/BR-018 is one of mine most productive activation. 100+ QSO’s on 7 HF and 2 VHF bands.

You can find link here:

Finally weather conditions were better for two new activations. External links were added for:

S5/BR-022 (Ter):
S5/BR-024 (Stari tabor):

Thanks for spots and QSO’s!

Another S57XX & S57X activation - Mrzli vrh S5/TK-033


Bučenica (TK-034) will have to wait for better WX.

Report of mini SOTA expedition with S54Q to Dedna gora (S5/BR-004) is here:

and first activation report of Izgornik (S5/RG-051) is here:

TNX for QSO’s & spots!