New RSGB book- "SOTA explained"

Just wondering if anybody has seen a copy of the RSGB ‘SOTA explained’ book promoted in the current RadCom.

I’m a little sceptical about this book as the author is unknown to me and doesn’t appear to be a hardcore SOTA enthuisast judging by his chaser score of 67 and activator score of just 17.

I know you can’t judge a book it’s cover, which is why I’m asking if anybody has seen this work. It would be nice to know that a book showing the SOTA logo so prominently contains the correct information to allow someone to gain a decent footing taking part in this award scheme.

73, Colin

It does :wink:

The author of the new RSGB Book SOTA explained has 17 activator points and 67 chaser points claimed in the SOTA database (I’ll save you all looking). All contacts were made using 2m FM.

73 Phil

A very informative book then !!.

Was the book reviewed and approved by the MT if the “SOTA” name is used in the title?

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Colin already told us that in the initial post!

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There’s also a presentation on SOTA from Michael (G0POT) that just been advertised today by the Chertsey club via Southgate News.

Well done but I think a couple of small points that needed clarification correction (I have added comments under the video on the YouTube page).

Certainly worth viewing - especially the conversation after the presentation is quite fun!

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The author of the book is Jamie Davies MM0JMI, and he has done quite a few more SOTA activations and bands/modes used than those he has claimed in the SOTA Database. Many do likewise - even one of the founders of the scheme! Use of the Database is not mandatory for participation, only for claiming awards.

The editor of the book is Tom Read M1EYP - whoever that might be.


M1 what - never heard of the guy HI.

OK, thanks for the information Tom.

Hi All I have just had a quick look and was amazed to see my 100 point award on there lol I am famous

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The initial version of the book was sent to the MT, read by several members, and was in need of some work. Comments were compiled and Tom looked after the upgrade. Few of we regulars will need it but it will make a good introduction for beginners.


Yes, but I added the frequencies and modes used… :wink:

73 Phil

Thank you for the information Brian and Tom.

73 Phil

Hope my little presentation on SOTA for Chertsey Radio Club meets everyones approval. It is, of course, a reflection of my experience and views on SOTA but I hope everyone finds it generally acceptable :o)

Michael (G0POT)


UK centric but was a great one nonetheless @G0POT