New replica fire lookout tower at Pinnacle Peak W7W/KG-126

Last activated Pinnacle Peak W7W/KG-126 near Enumclaw, WA in the Fall of 2020 and there were the remains of the prior tower, with benches to sit at. It was a small area, and limited views. Did a quick activation of the summit on 4/29, and was neat to see the new replica fire lookout tower built in 2021.

There were quite a few people on trail and summit on the first really nice warm day in Washington, and I did a quick activation from the tower with a rollup jpole & Yaesu FT3D. Was surprised to have quite a bit of interference (an issue I’ve experienced more with the FT3D), and was kicking myself for not remembering to pack the SOTABEAMS 2m bandpass filter! Was able to make 2 contacts on 70cm with WU7H, N7NWT, 2m C4FM with N7NWT, and then 2m aeronautical mobile with W7NY, and 2m with WW7D and N7EPD.

There were many people on summit, but there would be room further away within the 25 meter zone to get a little privacy for HF. For this activation, needed to make quick before heading to son’s track meet events… thank you for all the qso’s! For those interested, below is video information about the summit and the activation. 73, James WA7JNJ