New Reflector on SOTAWATCH

At the moment if you click an active thread, it takes you to the first post. This works for short threads but for things like Tom’s reports it will be even more tedious than normal!

In 2007 Jon ZFZ said

"I have altered the topic links so that when clicked it takes you to the bottom of a long thread (i.e. so the latest post is visible).

A new visitor will have to scroll up to see the context but I felt this was better than having to scroll down to the latest post each time especially since threads could end up with dozens if not hundreds of posts."

Maybe the same logic applies now?

In a perfect world it’d take you to the first post in a thread you havn’t yet read, but that’d probably introduce more complication than is practical. Going to the last entry is a reasonable compromise.

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…I think you have forgotten to sign your post!


There is a control at the bottom of the page which when clicked gives you an option of going to the bottom (or top) of a thread.

I was confused too (age?)


Barry GM4TOE

I see it now. The light green rectangle, bottom right.

Not forgotten; deliberately abstained. But it feels wrong…


I supposed the metaphor is more one of a conversation where it would be a tad odd to end every contribution with “best wishes etc”. The signed metaphor is more akin to writing a letter.

In the version we have been testing for some time, that is exactly what it does, so Jon should be able to fix.

Maybe I’ll get used to it. Something like this, where there can be hours or days between posts, can feel a lot more like writing letters than having casual conversation, though.

From the main reflector index that’s what it does, but there it has all the necessary context. The short list of recent comments on the main SOTAwatch page, however, probably doesn’t have access to the same level of context. Be very nice if it did, of course.


I doubt that anyone will mind either way!


I will try and improve this at some point. I had it working fine on the MT’s test instance. The subtle difference was that everyone there was, necessarilly, a logged in user of both systems. Whereas, on this instance it has to work for non-logged-in users as well. I don’t think it’s an issue, but I need to get a bit of time to get the logic right.

Meanwhile, the little pagination index box at the bottom right is your friend:

73, Jon

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