New One with multiple operators

Before writing these lines, I searched the Reflector to see if the same question had already been asked, but I found nothing.

In the case of a first activation of a summit, where two or more operators participated in the climb, I assume the criterion for assigning the First Activator is whoever made the first QSO.
Is that correct?

Has the assignment of the New One to all members of the expedition ever been considered?


I have seen summits where the first activator (or first day activation?) has multiple callsigns listed.

Struggling to find an example though right now.

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The first activator will be the one to send the log to SOTADATA first.
But, in another case, both callsigns entered as the 1st activation.


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I started, I’m LZ1ENE, to activate peaks in 2018, sometimes with LZ1CWT. When I first uploaded the log, it listed me as the first activator. But for the past few years, I noticed it lists the first activator in alphabetical order of the callsign (these are my observations), meaning C comes before E.


I assume you all are referring to SOTLAS rather than the actual SOTA database. The database presents the correct information, for example from a joint activation with Paul G4MD up in Orkney in 2012…

Here you see Paul G4MD operating as GM4MD/P correctly presented as the first to activate the summit. I waited until he had made his first contact before I started my activation. When we have activated previously unactivated summits, it has been agreed between us which one of us should be the first to activate the summit,

Now looking at SOTLAS for the same summit, the situation appears differently…

Here the fact that we carried out a joint activation is clearly shown, but my callsign GM4OIG/P is at the bottom of the list of those that have activated the summit, which would suggest that I was the first to activate the summit, but that is not correct. So, always take the information from the database if you want to know who made the first contact from the summit and who therefore was officially the first activator…

This is not true. It is the first contact that is the parameter. Exactly what happens if the time of the first contact for two or more activators is exactly the same, I don’t know. Perhaps then the database puts the entries in alphabetical order.

73, Gerald


Thanks Gerald

Next week I’ll make Sota’s operation.



Thank you for the precise response. Therefore, we can say that when there are multiple operators in an activation, it is still only one (the one who makes the first QSO) who is considered the First Activator.

SOTLAS, however, lists as First Activators all those who were present on the summit on the same day (thus in the same expedition).

This topic interests me because I am preparing a challenge called the SOTA TUSCANY CHALLENGE with the goal of activating all the (activatable) peaks in this Italian region (I will soon write an introductory post on the Reflector).
I thought that, to encourage outings with more OMs (both for socializing and for safety), it could be interesting to recognize all team members who made at least one QSO as First Activators.

The prize will be a patch, and I can still send it to the entire team