New Official Shack Sloth 2015/06/17 WED

Thanks to the Early Morning Contact with David AE9Q in NC W4C/WM-003 Summit: Richland Balsam, I N8DEA Dean Benninger, am now an Official Shack Sloth with exactly 1000 points !!!

Guess this is also UNIQUE Shack Sloth, but I guess it Depends How you Look at it…

Have 157 Unique Contacts, but i am shooting for 100 Unique summits!!!
Presently 87/100 so when that is attained, I will order the Trophy, to be displayed Proudly in the Shack, with DXCC 100 and WAS Certificates…

Thank You! to all the many Contacts, made out in the Wilderness to make this Possible…

I thought 2 years ago, that this would take many many years to Accomplish, but learning the fine art of /qrp (listening) and CW, it was achievable, in what now seems to be a short time…

Setting a goal of Learning CW (The Code), if I had not Learned (and still am learning verrrry sloowwwwly), this Achievement was made that much faster, by not passing up the many FINE CW Ops out in the Field…

Now on to the Next Goal of Mountain Hunter Silver /Gold, then to work on the Ultimate Challenge of Mountain Goat!!!

What an incredible Journey this is and look forward to many more in the Years SOTA=Summits on the Air:
What a Great Organization, that brings together People, Technology, and the Great Outdoors around this Rock on Planet Earth…

Thanks to all, for the many Hours involved to survey the Summits and Peaks, and get them on the Map in their Associations

God Bless and 73 (72)

N8DEA (N8DEA/qrp)
Dean Benninger Official SOTA Shack Sloth

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Well done! SOTA is a great mix of radio and mountains! 73! Hal N6JZT

Hearty congrats from NH! Learn CW…now there’s an idea! It is a great family of Hams and has given an extra dimension to radio for so many.Sounds like you’re hooked.
Best, Merle and Herm

Congratulations, Dean! I’ve heard your call in there a lot lately! You’re doing a great job representing Ohio. I lived in the Cleveland area for 35 years before retiring to Tennessee 4 years ago. SOTA is a lot of fun and it sounds like you’re hooked!
73, Walt NE4TN

I’m sure you by now realize that you have been hooked on SOTA. Funny how that happens but to me it’s been a new and fun aspect of ham radio that was something I needed to get back operating on HF again. Having an XYL into ham radio makes it just that much more fun.

Glad you’re enjoying SOTA and I hear you on the bands a lot so keep having fun and working towards those awards.

Gary A. - W0MNA

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It was both my privilege and honor to be the QSO that completed your journey to Shack Sloth! You were there for me and Dennis on many of our North Carolina summit activations this week, and for that I say “Thanks!!”

Congratulations on your accomplishment!


Dave, AE9Q

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Congrats Dean and welcome to the Sloth club. Nice to have another local in the mix. We are only 80 miles away from you. Started almost 3 years ago and it sure is fun and addictive. All the best . 73 de Scotty

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Welcome to the world of the Shack Sloth. You meet the nicest people and have oodles of fun…
Martha W0ERI

Thank You, Everyone for the Kind words…

Look forward to the Next Summit Mini Expedition, hopefully End July or August…

Planning on Week+ Trip to PA and maybe WV, in real Hills compared to Ohio…

Gotta get a Battery and Charger to Activate, as the 20 Lb Motorcycle Battery is too Heavy for the Plan we have, so still researching the LiPo Battery and charger for use with ICOM IC-706 MKKII…
Dean N8DEA