New Norwegian summits

As a result of some further detective work using detailed maps, Bjørn LB1GB and his team have identified a significant number of additional summits. Many of these are of smaller stature, although still SOTA-compliant, and are more suited to casual activations, particularly so as a number are adjacent to the more populated areas of Norway.

For the statisticians, there are 785 new summits listed which, with four deletions and the 264 existing summits, makes a new total of 1045 Norwegian summits to chase.

The revised ARM is now available on the SOTA website at Summits on the Air and the revised summit list takes effect from this coming Sunday, 1st June. The database revision will await the return of Tom M1EYP from his perambulations in the south of England.

Good hunting!

73 de Les, G3VQO

In reply to G3VQO:

Thank you for announcing the new summits.

We are looking forward to see the Norwegian SOTA summit list in use.

LA/DH8DX/p was reported from LA/OL-001 today and that make us very happy. We wish him a safe descent from the tallest summit in Norway.

Happy SOTA-summer

Bjørn LB1GB

In reply to LB1GB:

Hej Bjørn,

Would be interesting to know where the snow limit is in different parts of Norway. May be a link to Norway weather info could be added to Summits on the Air

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

In reply to F5VGL:

This link is what first comes to mind: or in English

73 Bjørn LB1GB

In reply to LB1GB:

Thanks for the link. I found even better page from there

Looks like Galdhøpiggen 2469 m has more than 4 m of snow. In Finnmark the snow level goes to sea level if I understand correctly the Norwegian weekly snow report. Now still need to find the avalanche warnings…

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

In reply to F5VGL:

Thats a good link. I’ve added it to the page under weather links.

Bjørn LB1GB

In reply to DH8DX:
hi Dan,
nice to see you back. hope you have a nice holiday in Norway with a
beautiful landscape !

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

In reply to DH8DX:
It must been a real struggel to get up on Galdhøpiggen this early.
Have been there once, but in august with almoust no snow.hi
Sad to not work you from any of the LA-summits. Heard your signals from Oslo, but only a whisper.(here only qrp).
We should had a eye-ball qso since you were in the aerea at the end of your visit(TM-013 and TM-011). Looking forward to work you again.
de Aage

In reply to DH8DX:
Hi Dan.

Looks like I missed you by only a few kilometers when you activated LA/TM-011 while I was activating LA/TM-012.


In reply to DH8DX:
Thanks Dan for the magnificent photos from your climb up Galdhoegpiggen.
It brought back many memories of my ascent with my uncle Arne back in 1954!
Kind of dates me, doesn’t it?
73 de Ken / Einar - GM0AXY / LA6EF

In reply to DH8DX:
Hi Dan
We used the route from Spiterstulen as well. My uncle Arne was a mountain guide with the Turistforeningen for many years and took parties of people up the various Norwegian mountains every year. I joined in on one of his guided walks, hi!
I hope to get back there to do another climb to Galdhoepiggen; with the radio this time.
73 de Ken

In reply to DH8DX:
Hello again Dan
I was up on Galdhøpiggen in 1993(not quite sure about the year) and started at Juvasshytta.
There was/is guieded tours over the glacier(Styggebreen). This is a easier
ascent to the summit, but you need the guide. No guieded tour due to bad weather when I was there , so we had to go round the glacier. (Will not do that again). Hope to do a sota expedition to LA/OL-001 this summer.
de Aage

In reply to DH8DX:

Hi Dan, thanks for sharing your superb photos with us, LA looks simply stunning. Thanks for QSO’s also.



PS Please check your email.

In reply to DH8DX:
Hello Dan, very nice photos! for my side no copy of your activity :-((
propagation is very bad in this moment for my side!
A question: what is the antenna in Flick photos? on this tripode?
best regards
73’s QRO
F5NEP Lionel

In reply to DH8DX:
fine Dan!
tnx for information! it’s intresting systeme for activations!
à pleasure to copy you again in SOTA
73’s f5nep Lionel

In reply to DH8DX:

If we spend our holiday sometimes again in Norway, I will write you
and Mads an Email before…
That would be great! Maybe an eyeball qso or a “multi national” sota activation?