New Mountain Goat in NA

Andrew - KD5ZZK just passed the mark to make Mountain Goat status today while activating W5O/OU-021. He made Mountain Goat using SSB only which is quite an accomplishment and has been one of the most active activators in NA. His 4th contact for that summit was with Martha - W0ERI which was a pretty neat deal too.

Congrats to Andrew and all the effort and expense plus time he’s put into this achievement. Way to go Andrew and thanks for all the contacts and points. Don’t worry Andrew, that Poison Ivy does go away eventually. :slight_smile:

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congratulations Andrew on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Andrew! I am glad I could put you over the mark.
Martha W0ERI

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Also passing on Congratulations to Andrew for making Mountain Goat. He does a very nice job with his 817 @ 5 Watts. Thanks for all the contacts and hope many more to come. Stay safe! 72 de Scotty

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Great job Andrew

Cheers from Colorado


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Well done Andrew!

Roger k3idx mw0idx

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Congrats Andrew on Mountain Goat status…Baa Baa!

Great Job…keep it going OM.


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Well done Andrew, Congrats! Baa…

Dan - NA6MG


Congrats. It’s been a pleasure to work you on all your summit activations here lately. Let me know when you come to Tennessee and we will hook up. Again, congrats.

73 WX4ET,
Erik E. McCord

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Congratulations Andrew and thanks for all the past and future contacts!

73, Walt NE4TN

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Congrats Andy. Well deserved.

Well done Andrew! Keep up the good work and have fun out there.

73, Barry N1EU

Congratulations Andrew, well deserved.

73 Rob G0PEB

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Well done Andrew! Keep up the great work! Thanks for all of the contacts!

Kent, K9EZ